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New Holland TN75DA 4-wheel drive, cab, with front loader. 2008 model with 3023 hours, great condition.


Efficiency and peace of mind are standard equipment Generations of farmers have relied on blue tractors, and that legacy continues with the New Holland TN-A Series utility tractors. Rugged construction, ample power and hydraulic capacity combine to make New Holland TN-A Series utility tractors the perfect choice for the farm and many other applications too. TN-A Standard models: Generous open operating platform - Foldable ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) - Selection of synchronized transmissions - Mechanical or power shuttle - 2WD or FWD - Vertical or horizontal exhaust. TND-A Deluxe models: Deluxe ISO-mounted cab for all-weather comfort - Selection of synchronized transmissions - Mechanical or power shuttle - 2WD or FWD. TN75SA SuperSteer™ model: Patented SuperSteer FWD axle for sharp turns - Traction Management System to automatically engage/disengage FWD - With or without cab - ISO-mounted platform. The distinctive, sloped TN-A Series hood looks great, and affords excellent visibility to the front and all the way around. The sloped hood complements the front loader design for maximum operator comfort, safety and productivity. The TN-A headlamp design provides an outstanding lighting pattern for best-in-class visibility after dark or in pre-dawn hours, even with a loader. All TN-A Series tractors feature two 55-watt halogen Hi/Lo beam headlights combined with two more 55-watt corner mounted work lights. Cab tractors offer even more illumination with four adjustable, roof-mounted work lights. ROPS tractors come with one additional work light standard at the rear. Durable, proven engines assure many years of reliable service and impressive lugging ability. All transmissions provide easy forward-reverse shuttling. A dedicated, in-line, left-hand synchronized mechanical shuttle lever allows you to keep your right hand free for important things like steering and implement control. The optional steering-column-mounted power shuttle lever eliminates the need for repetitive clutching—especially handy for loader work. Open-center hydraulics provide ample flow and three-point hitch lift capacity for the most demanding jobs. Select a 2WD axle, FWD axle or the exclusive SuperSteer FWD axle (TN75SA model only) that provides the sharpest turns in the business, and also saves valuable turf with the Traction Management System—a feature that prevents turf scuffing, extends tire life and improves fuel economy. With SuperSteer you get a complete turn angle of 76 degrees thanks, to the axle which articulates 21 degrees in addition to the standard 55-degree turn angle. When the axle articulates, the outside wheel moves in front of the nose of the tractor, and the inside wheel moves away from the tractor frame. This provides more tire clearance and a greater turn angle, giving you the smallest turnaround diameter in the industry. Combine SuperSteer advantages with the long, 93.5-inch wheelbase of the TN75SA, and you get the most stable, comfortable ride and the most maneuverable tractor in the industry. The Traction Management System engages front wheel drive automatically, when slip is detected in the rear wheels, and it stays powered until no longer needed or until you turn the front wheel drive off manually. Electro-hydraulically engaged diff lock (TN75SA only) allows you to engage the diff lock on-the-go using a switch on the right-hand fender console. The open operator platform and deluxe cab are designed for your comfort and efficiency. No bending, stretching or contorting required! The convenient, logical control placement keeps fatigue at bay. Service is a snap thanks to the intelligent design of TN-A Series tractors. A New Holland 810TL or 820TL front-end loader and a TN-A, TND-A or TNS-A tractor are the perfect combination to boost your loading productivity. A fully independent, 540-rpm PTO uses a dry, cerametallic, 11-inch plate clutch for durability and long life in heavy-duty applications. The PTO lever located to the left of the seat allows you to easily feather the PTO for precise control. TND-A models and the TN75SA feature servo-assist PTOs for extremely low effort engagement and smooth featherabilty. Inboard planetary final drives distribute output load from the differential evenly to the rear axles. The planet gears are oversized and run in oil for high load capacity and extended life. Hydraulic self-adjusting and self-equalizing brakes provide long life and high-performance stopping power on all TN-A Series tractor models. On TN-A Series tractors with electro-hydraulic FWD engagement (models with 40-kph transmission, TND-A models with power shuttle, or the TN75SA) you get the additional benefit of better braking with heavy loads. When you depress both brake pedals the front axle is automatically engaged, effectively providing four-wheel braking. ENGINE Underneath the smooth lines and curved TN-A Series hood resides intense power. TN-A Series engines rise to any challenge with smooth, responsive power. And, they go easy on the environment with lower emissions. (TN60A/TN60DA, TN70A/TN70DA and TN75A/TN75DA /TN75SA) Proven New Holland three-cylinder, 179-cubic-inch-displacement engines provide years of reliable service, delivering smooth, responsive power. (TN85A/TN85DA and TN95A/TN95DA) Gutsy New Holland four-cylinder, 274-cubic-inch-displacement engines provide instant response and impressive lugging power to climb grades and get through tough soil or crop conditions. These engines are also quiet and fuel efficient thanks to their state-of-the-art engine design. Impressive torque rise of up to 37% allows TN-A Series tractors to handle heavy loads and tough conditions. A heavy-duty, cast iron engine block and a dry-sleeve design provide longer service life than competitive wet sleeve engines, without the risk of coolant contamination. The low 2300-rpm rated engine speed reduces noise, vibration and extends engine life. A cross-flow cylinder head design pulls air in one side of the cylinder head and expels it on the other side. Intake air remains cool and dense, resulting in superior combustion and maximum power production. TRANSMISSION Choices! That's what you get with TN-A Series transmissions. No matter which transmission you choose, you get high-precision helical cut gears for quiet operation, in-line forward/reverse shuttling, forced lubrication for long life and a compact three-shaft design for improved ground clearance. Choose from one of these easy-shuttling transmissions to match the work you do: The 12 x 12 Synchro-Command transmission (available on TN-A Standard models) makes work a pleasure by providing you with four synchronized speeds in each of three ranges. The second range provides four ideal working speeds. Competitive tractors limit your speed choices by providing only three synchronized shifts in each range. The 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 Synchro Command Plus transmissions give you the ultimate in speed versatility, with three speeds below one mph for low-speed applications or a top transport speed of 25 mph. A 40-kph (24.8-mph) package is standard equipment on the TN95A and TN95DA, and is available as a factory option on other TN-A Series models equipped with the 16 x 16 transmission. The higher transport speed allows you to spend less time on the road and more time working. Speed and range levers are located within easy reach of your right hand. A synchronized, left-side, in-line forward/reverse shuttle is a feature of all TN-A Series transmissions. This allows you to use your right hand freely for implement or loader control. The synchronized mechanical shuttle lever is located to the left of the seat and utilizes an 11-inch cerametallic clutch (organic material is used on the 45-horsepower models). A clutchless, electro-hydraulic power shuttle is available on the 16 x 16 transmission and the TN95A and TN95DA 12 x 12 transmission, making forward reverse shifts virtually effortless. The shuttle lever is mounted on the left side of the steering column and allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and shift from forward to reverse with your fingertips. It saves you the hassle of frequent clutching and saves the driveline from wear and tear. The modulation of the two, six-plate wet clutch packs is electronically controlled for ultra-smooth direction changes. A true locking differential allows you to lock the rear axles together for extra traction on-the-go with a foot pedal. The diff lock automatically disengages when it's no longer needed, or you can manually disengage it by tapping a brake pedal. Front and rear differential locks are positively engaged, using an electrohydraulic system on the TN75SA. A push button switch, in conjunction with the brake pedals, controls engagement. HYDRAULICS TN-A Series tractors have the hydraulic power it takes to get the job done—whether you work with three-point mounted implements, with PTO-powered equipment or a front-end loader. Biodegradable transmission/hydraulic oil is approved for use in all applications. Two independent hydraulic gear pumps generate a total flow up to 26.3 gallons per minute (gpm) to provide the absolute fastest cycle times and consistent performance, so you can finish more work in less time. A dedicated implement gear pump feeds the remote valves and three-point hitch. The implement pump delivers up to 16.9 gpm to power your largest implements and attachments. The high-flow pump package includes a hydraulic oil cooler for increased cooling efficiency. A dedicated gear-type steering pump delivers up to 9.4 gpm flow for precise, low effort steering, and allows the main hydraulic pump to be fully used for the work at hand. The steering pump also supplies oil for transmission lubrication and FWD activation (if so equipped). Up to four rear remote valves are available. TN-A Series tractors come standard with one rear remote; two additional remotes are optional. A fourth rear remote can be dealer installed on TND-A and TNS-A tractors to handle the most complex implements and attachments. Remote lever controls are located to the right of the seat and their handles are color-coordinated with the dust caps on the valve couplers at the rear of the tractor—so you're always sure you're using the correct lever. Two open-center, mid-mounted remote valves are available from the factory or as a dealer-installed option. The valves are controlled by a convenient, four-way joystick that makes loader work a pleasure. A best-in-class 3,960-pound, three-point hitch lift capacity allows you to take full advantage of the largest, widest implements for maximum productivity. You can raise or lower implements with the push of a button—a convenience not found on competitive-brand tractors. You set the desired raise height and operating position, then you're off to work with a simple-to-use fender switch. No more worries about PTO drivelines or other interference! Lower link draft sensing is standard. You can operate the hitch in draft control mode, position control mode, or a combination—a big tractor feature incorporated into a compact package for more precision and accurate hitch response. Heavy-duty, telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends are standard equipment and simplify implement hook-up. CAB TND-A and TNS-A cabs are best-in-class, providing outstanding comfort and visibility with a host of conveniences. With 42.7 square feet of tinted glass, you'll enjoy an exceptional view in all directions. The rear service window provides excellent visibility to the three-point hitch, and implements and can be held in three different positions. Deluxe cab air filtration package is standard equipment. It includes two cab air recirculation filters and two external anti-pollen filters to keep the cab interior clean and maintain good air quality—even when you work all day long. A contoured, high-back, cloth-covered seat provides superb support. And, four-way seat adjustment also assures a custom fit for each operator. The seat moves fore and aft, adjusts up and down, and the ride firmness adjusts to your weight. An optional air suspension seat provides supreme comfort using a compressor and air bag to adjust ride firmness. Seat armrests are also available. Controls for transmission, PTO and optional open-center remote valves are conveniently located to your right. Digital readouts, analog gauges and a bank of indicator lights keep you informed with only a glance. A continuous digital report of engine speed and ground speed is provided, while a middle display allows you to "surf" between a selection of displays, including engine hours, PTO speed, engine speed or time of day. Analog gauges report coolant temperature and fuel level. OPEN OPERATOR STATION (ROPS) TN-A Series tractors feature a wide-open platform with plenty of legroom and hip-room, and a wide entry threshold, large grab handles and an uncluttered path make it easy to get in and out of the seat. TN-A Series tractors also feature levers and handles that are thoughtfully placed where they come naturally to your hand. The brake and clutch pedals are suspended for even more foot area. The TN-A seat features a high-back design and generous lateral and vertical bolstering to provide excellent support. It also adjusts to match each operator's height and weight, and rides on an inclined track to maintain the proper relationship between the operator and the controls. The TN-A sloped hood gives you visibility that exceeds what you'll find on other tractors. The muffler is hidden under the hood, and you can easily see the work area around you, including the front tires and loader bucket. SERVICE Daily service checks on TN-A Series tractors are quick and easy. And when it's easy for you to keep up with routine maintenance, it's more likely you will also save on downtime and lengthen component life. The one-piece hood raises easily and is supported by a gas strut, so there are no prop rods to fumble with. Also, there are no tethers to deal with and no side panels or radiator screens to remove or accidentally damage when left on the ground. Engine oil can be checked without raising the hood—even with a loader installed. The radiator, A/C condenser, oil cooler and heavy-duty battery are mounted at the front of the tractor and can be checked easily when the hood is open. The hydraulic cooler slides out to the side for easy cleaning and routine maintenance of the radiator. The electrical system is protected by convenient, automotive style fuses that are easy to access when needed. A single dipstick at the rear of the tractor allows you to check the oil level of the transmission, hydraulic and steering oil reservoir. Ample fuel tank capacities from 19.5 to 23.5 gallons keep refills to a minimum. Fuel tank is easy to reach from the ground and the wide filler neck makes refueling easier. APPLICATIONS TN-A Series tractors are at home in almost any environment. The scenery surrounding the new TN-A tractors may change, but their productivity remains the same. Here are just a few of the jobs that these tractors perform well. Part-Time/Hobby Farming - Whether your “little piece of heaven” is only a few acres, or many more, there's a TN-A Series tractor that's the right size for you. TN-A Series tractors have the power to make quick work of tough jobs, the versatility to handle a variety of chores, and the maneuverability to get in and out of tight places, like horse barns. Landscaping - TN-A Series tractors are quickly winning the approval of landscape contractors, as the legions of New Holland utility tractors have before them. The TN-A's easy-shuttling transmissions take the hassle out of frequent forward-reverse shifts when working with a loader, landscape rake or box scraper. The ample 3,960-pound three-point lift capacity easily lifts heavy seeders and aerators and fertilizer applications. Farming - TN-A Series power and efficiency pays off on the farm. With plenty of durability and power, these tractors handle long days of farm work. And, the superior TN-A lighting packages allow you to work long after the sun goes down. Select 2WD, FWD or SuperSteer™ FWD axle to match your working conditions. Sports and Turf - TN-A tractors are naturals at caring for the turf on golf courses, stadium grounds and sod farms. The TN75SA model features the SuperSteer FWD axle with the exclusive Traction Management System that protects valuable turf from the damage of slipping wheels by engaging FWD only when it's needed. The sharp-turning SuperSteer axle also allows for easy maneuvering around obstacles. The TN-A Series low-profile design and foldable ROPS help on this count, too. A selection of tire choices matches your needs, including optional Galaxy turf tires that feature a huge contact area and low ground pressure. Municipal Maintenance - City and municipal maintenance crews will appreciate the superior lugging ability of TN-A engines that saves time when loading or pushing heavy stone, sand, gravel or snow. These tractors offer the flexibility and durability to handle long days of mowing, loading, pushing, grading, ditching and back-filling. Roadside Mowing - New Holland utility tractors have long been favored by road maintenance crews, and the new TN-A Series tractors will quickly take its place as a favorite for working along highways and byways. They easily handle harsh conditions and offer impressive torque backup to get through patches of dense, heavy growth without down-shifting or slowing down. The low profile design and low center of gravity provides operators with comfort, stability and security when working in the most challenging conditions and terrain. Poultry Producers - TN-A Series low-profile design and foldable ROPS easily handle low clearance in poultry houses, and once inside TN-A Series agility, traction and speed choices make it easy to maneuver. The engine and hydraulic performance allows you to handle crusters and heavy loader work with maximum efficiency. When equipped with factory or dealer installed options to match your operation, TN-A Series tractors become your "Poultry House Special." Fruit and Nut Orchards - The compact power of TN-A tractors make them a smart choice for orchards. Their low-profile design and maneuverability allows you to slip down narrow orchard rows easily, while their power lets you operate and pull the heaviest implements and largest sprayers. The TN-A deluxe cab filtration system creates the cleanest operating environment in the business. (NOTE: Cab is not OSHA “spray ready.”)

    • Gross Engine, hp (kW): 75 (55.9)
    • PTO, hp (kW): 62 (46.3)
    • Cylinders: 3
    • Aspiration: Turbocharged
    • Displacement, cu. in. (l): 179 (2.9)
    • Rated Speed: 2300 rpm
    • Maximum Torque, ft-lbs. (Nm): 220 @ 1400 rpm (298 @ 1400 rpm)
    • Engine Torque Rise: 36%
    • Fuel Capacity, gal. (l): 19.5 (74)
    • 16 x 16 Synchro Command™ Transmission With Your Choice Of Synchronized Mechanical or Electro-Hydraulic, No-Clutch Power Shuttle
    • w/Mechanical Shuttle, in. (mm): 11 (280) Dry Cerametallic Plate
    • w/Electro-Hydraulic Power Shuttle, in. (mm): Six 5.2 (113) Wet Organic Plates
    • Differential Lock (Front/Rear): Limited Slip, Mechanically Engaged
    • Alternator Less Cab: 65
    • Alternator Cab: 85
    • Battery: 730 CCA
    • Type: Wet, Two Disc, Self-Adjusting
    • Parking Brake: Independent, Four 3.5 in. Wet Disc
    • Speed: 540
    • PTO Clutch, in. (mm): 11 (280) Dry Cerametallic Plate
    • Pump Type: Gear
    • System: Open Center
    • Nominal System Pressure, psi (bar): 2755 (190)
    • Standard Pump Flow, gpm (lpm): 16.9 (64)
    • Steering Pump Type: Gear
    • Supplies: Power Steering, FWD Engagement, Differential Lock Engagement And Lubricating The Transmission
    • Pump Flow With Mechanical Shuttle, gpm (lpm): 9.4 (35.6)
    • Pump Flow With Power Shuttle, gpm (lpm): 9.4 (35.6)
    • Category: II, I
    • Draft Control Sensing: Mechanical, Lower Link
    • Fast Raise/Lower: Standard
    • Link Ends: Flexible
    • Lift Capacity, SAE @ 24 in., lbs. (kg): 3960 (1800)
    • 2WD Turning Radius, ft. (mm): 11.9 (3628)
    • 2WD Turnaround Diameter, ft. (mm): 14 (4255)
    • FWD Turning Radius, ft. (mm): 12.5 (3810)
    • FWD Turnaround Diameter, ft. (mm): 14.1 (4288)
    • 2WD, lbs. (kg): 5605 (2545)
    • FWD, lbs. (kg): 6000 (2720)
    • R1 "General Farming"
    • R3 "All Weather"
    • R4 "Industrial"
    • Galaxy "Turf Special"
    • Second rear remote valve (lever controlled)
    • Third rear remote valve (lever controlled)
    • Fourth rear remote valve (lever controlled — when a mid-mount valve is not installed)
    • Mid-mount valve with joystick control
    • Back up alarm wiring kit
    • Special tires
    • 7 pin implement (trailer) electrical plug
    • Horn
    • Front weight bracket kit
    • Grill guard
    • 88 lb. front weights
    • 4 pin power outlet (25 amp) electrical plug
    • Fixed external mirrors (cab only)
    • Rear wheel weights
    • Telescoping external mirrors (cab only)
    • Hydraulic filter protection kit
    • Single pin male 8 amp electrical plug
    • Horizontal exhaust kit
    • Blue fiberglass canopy
    • Front fenders for FWD front axle
    • White fiberglass canopy
    • Seat armrests
    • Steel FOPS canopy
    • Drawbar clevis
    • Rotary beacon (cab only)
    • Engine block heater
    • Offset drawbar for Galaxy turf
    • Wheelbase, 2WD, in. (mm): 83.9 (2131)
    • Wheelbase, FWD, in. (mm): 81.3 (2065)
    • Height Top Of Cab, in. (mm): 90.8 (2307)
    • Overall Length, 2WD, in. (mm): 155.7 (3954)
    • Overall Length, FWD, in. (mm): 154 (3912)
    • Min/Max Overall Width, in. (mm): 67.2 (1708) / 92.7 (2355)



    Engine Type
    179 cu. in. (2.9 l), 3 Cylinder, Turbocharged
    75 hp (55.9 kW)
    PTO HP
    62 hp (46.3 kW)
    Rated RPM
    2300 rpm


    2WD: 83.9 in. (2131 mm), FWD: 81.3 in. (2065 mm)
    Top Of Cab: 90.8 in. (2307 mm)
    (Min/Max) 67.2 in. (1708 mm) / 92.7 in. (2355 mm)
    2WD: 5605 lbs. (2545 kg), FWD: 6000 lbs. (2720 kg)


    Fuel Capacity
    19.5 gal. (74 l)
    16 x 16 Synchro Command
    Wet Disc, w/Parking Brake
    Open Center