2014 Massey Ferguson 4600 Series Utility MF 4608 - 63.5 PTO HP

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Massey Ferguson
4600 Series Utility MF 4608 - 63.5 PTO HP


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2014 Massey Ferguson 4608 4WD, Cab, loader. Great condition, one owner.


Load it up. Work it hard. Take it Easy.

Massey Ferguson is pleased to announce the introduction of the MF4600 series. Boasting an all-new 3-cylinder engine from AGCO Power, the tractors provide 75 to 95 engine HP (63 to 80 PTO HP) respectively at 2200 RPM.

AGCO Power 3.3 Liter 3-cylinder AWIC Engine: The MF4600 Series are powered by a newly designed 3.3 liter 3-cylinder engine from AGCO Power that meets the new Tier 4i emissions requirements for North America.

Each engine has four valves per cylinder to improve air flow through the engine and enhance fuel/air mixing. Electronic engine management allows precise control of all engine functions. High pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection atomizes the diesel during injection for exceptional fuel/air mixing and a more complete and powerful combustion.

Power Shuttle Transmission: The new MF4600 Series tractors offer a power shuttle transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds as standard equipment. 6 synchronized gears and 2 ranges provide a wide range of working and transport speeds.

The shuttle lever is located on the left side of the steering column for easy reach and operation with the left hand. An electronically controlled wet multi-disc clutch enables the operator to change direction of travel with the simple throw of the lever. No foot clutch is required when shuttling the tractor. Mechanical differential lock and 4wd engagement on-the-go improve traction in slippery conditions.

Open Station ROPS or Spacious Cab: Versatility and matched performance are key to the success of any utility tractor. That is why Massey Ferguson offers the new MF4600 Series in either an open station platform or enclosed cab configuration.

Whether choosing an open station or cab, the operator will experience the comfort of a completely flat foot deck with rubber cover for comfortable foot placement and plenty of room. A fully adjustable suspended seat with armrests and retractable seat belt make long days in the saddle comfortable. Tilt steering and an intuitive layout of controls round out an excellent and enjoyable experience.

Performance & Engine
  • PTO HP @ 2000 RPM (kW): 63.5 (47.4)
  • Rate Engine Power @ 2200 RPM HP (kW): 80 (59.7)
  • Engine make / model: 33 AWIC by AGCO Power, Tier 4i compliant
  • Cylinders / displacement L (CID): 3-cylinder / 3.3 (201)
  • Aspiration / charge cooling: Turbocharged & intercooled
  • Fuel system: SisuTronic electronic engine management, high pressure common rail, direct injection
  • Emissions control: External Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
  • Fuel capacity Gal (L): 27 (105), under platform for ground fill
  • Type: standard: 12F x 12R Power shuttle
  • Speeds: 6 synchronized gears, 2 ranges
  • Shuttle: Electronic via left hand control lever
Rear 3-Point Hitch
  • Type / ASAE category: Category II with position and draft control
  • Lower draft arms: Extendable ball ends
  • Lift capacity @ 24" lbs. (kg): 3,417 (1,550) standard; 4,409 (2,000) optional
4WD Front Axle
  • Type: Cast steel housing w/center drive line w/combination bevel gear & planetary final reduction
  • Drive engagement: Mechanical engagement via hand lever
Rear Axle
  • Type: Flange axle with internal planetary final drives
  • Differential lock: Mechanical engagement via foot pedal
  • Braking: Independent, internal wet multi-disc brakes
Power Take-Off (PTO)
  • Type: Independent, electronically engaged
  • Speeds: 540 /1,000 rpm standard
  • System type/system flow gpm (Lpm): Open center system / 23.7 (90)
  • Standard flow at remotes gpm (Lpm): 17.1 (65)
  • Rear remote valves: 1 or 2 standard, up to 3 possible
  • Loader joystick option: Optional, console integrated, with mid valves and couplers
Operator's Area
  • Open station: Flat deck with rubber mat, folding ROPS
  • Cab: 6-post ROPS, flat deck with rubber mat, HVAC, front wiper, two doors
  • Steering / seat: Deluxe suspended seat w/folding armrests and retractable seat belt, tilt steering
  • Lighting: Roofline flood lights: 2 front, 2 rear (cab only)
  • Electrical system: 12 volt DC system, 95 amp alternator
  • Height over cab in (mm): 100.4 (2,550)
  • Overall length in (mm): 150.2 (3,815)
  • Wheelbase in (mm): 88.5 (2250)
  • Min. width at fenders in (mm): 78.7 (2,000) depending on tire size
  • 4wd ROPS shipping weight lbs. (kg): 6,063 (2,750)
  • 4wd cab shipping weight lbs. (kg): 6,503 (2,950)
Height over cab can vary depending on tire size. Horsepower ratings based on manufacturer’s estimates.



Engine Manufacturer
AGCO Power
Engine Type
33 AWIC, Tier 4i compliant - 3-cylinder, 3.3 L (201 cid), turbocharged & intercooled
80 hp (60 kW)
63.5 hp (47.4 kW)
Rated RPM
2200 rpm


88.5 in. (2,250 mm)
100.4 in. (2,550 mm)
78.7 in. (2,000 mm)
ROPS: 6,063 lb. (2,750 kg); Cab: 6,503 lb. (2,950 kg)


Fuel System
SisuTronic electronic engine management, high pressure common rail, direct injection
Fuel Capacity
27 gal. (105 L)
12F x 12R Power shuttle
Independent, internal wet multi-disc brakes
Type: Open center; System Flow: 23.7 gpm (90 Lpm)
Drive Type