2019 Massey Ferguson 9250-30

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Maximize Your Daily Harvest

How do you make your combine work even harder? With the 9250 DynaFlex draper header. It's specifically designed to increase cutting, conveying and feeding performance in soybeans and small grains.

  • First fully flexible cutterbar: The exclusive flexible, full-length cutterbar design provides easy adjustment for all terrain and crop conditions. Adjusts from the operator seat from flex mode to rigid mode to improve efficiency and operator comfort.
  • Simple & effective: Integral mounting frame and drives bypass the complexity of separate hydraulic pumps, motors and hoses common on competitive designs
  • True flexibility: Independently dampened tilt arms span the entire platform to provide a cutterbar that really does flex, with an 8" range of travel
  • Smooth moves: Dual epicyclical drives deliver smooth positive power, increased cutterbar performance and greater power efficiency over belt or hydraulic drives
  • No scalping: Low pressure for more flexible or higher pressure for a more rigid bar provides precise crop cutting without scalping or gouging
  • Head first: The heavy-duty draper belt conveys the crop head first to enhance combine throughput
  • Smooth crop flow: The draper conveying system provides smooth crop flow to increase efficiency, maximizing combine capacity and daily harvest acreage. You’ll get to start earlier and run later to increase acres per day throughput. During tough threshing conditions, it still maintains a nice even crop mat to eliminate bunch feeding.
  • Major torque: The mechanical drive system provides up to 400% more sickle drive torque than the conventional V-belt or hydraulic drive
  • Recommended Combine Class: Class VI; Class VII; Class VIII
  • Type: HCC Level 2 - 6 bat poly
  • Diameter in. (mm): 45 (1,143)
  • Speed rpm: 0-57
  • Reel Tube Diameter in. (mm): 10 (254)
  • Split Reel: DNA
  • Drive: Hydraulic
  • Automatic Reel Speed: Standard
  • Fore/Aft Adjustment: Electric
  • Lift (type): Hydraulic
Cutter Bar
  • Float Cutterbar System: Hydraulic
  • Float Range in. (mm): 8 (203.2)
  • Cutterbar Tilt degree: Header tilt - 10° range
  • Sickle Drive (type): Shaft SCH epicyclical
  • Sickle Drive: Dual
  • Knife in. (mm): 3.0 (76)
  • Stroke in. (mm): 3.34 (85)
  • Strokes/min: 1200
  • rpm: 600
Draper, Side
  • Drive: Mechanical shaft (reversible) w/ slip clutch
  • Draper Width in. (mm): 41 (1,040)
  • Draper Speed ft/min (m/min): 502 (153)
Draper, Center Delivery
  • Drive: Mechanical shaft (reversible) w/ slip clutch
  • Draper Width in. (mm): 48.5 (1,232)
  • Draper Speed ft/min (m/min): 572 (174)
Center Feed Conveyor
  • Type: Auger - full flight
  • Diameter in. (mm): 21 (533) - 7 (117.8) tube
  • Width in. (mm): 46.3 (1,176)
  • Flighting in. (mm): 7 (177.8) serrated flighting
  • Drive: Mechanical shaft (reversible) w/ slip clutch
  • Operating Speed rpm: 200
  • Lateral Float degree: 8° - using SmartTrac™ lateral tilt
  • Vertical Float in. (mm): Does not apply
  • Header Tilt degree: Manual - 10° total
  • Automatic Header Height Control: Standard
  • Rock/Belt Guard: Standard
  • Poly Skid Shoes: Standard
  • Dividers: Short
  • Reel dividers: Optional
  • Adaptor: No
  • Gauge Wheels: No
  • Header Hookup and Disconnect: Quick attach
  • Optional Slow Speed Transport Kit: No
Dimensions and Weight
  • Overall Width ft. (m): 31.9 (9.6)
  • Weight with Reel - lb. (kg): 5,770 (2,617)



31.9 ft. (9.6 m)
5770 lb. (2617 kg)

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